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The school first aid and active shooter emergency first aid kit includes first aid supplies as well as emergency supplies for use during tragedies or active shooter situations. We've included the basic first aid supplies for treating minor cuts and scrapes like bandages, gauze, antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointment and emergency supplies including a CPR Resuscitator, emergency pressure bandages, ammonia inhalants for fainting, Save A tooth and life-saving, STAT tourniquets to help stop blood and provide bleeding control. The STAT brand tourniquet is an easy to use tourniquet that can be applied by anyone because it's design is similar to a zip-tie. Just feed the strap thru the mouth of the tourniquet, pull to tighten and pull up to lock. It even has easy to read and follow instructions printed right on the tourniquet. This is a great tourniquet for use in schools and entertainment venues because there is no training needed to understand how to use. Therefore, bystanders, workers or teachers will not have a problem figuring out how to apply this tourniquet which will save the lives of victims who are in risk of bleeding out.Ê Over 130 pieces of first aid and emergency supplies are packed in a red, trauma, first aid bag that has a carry handle and removable shoulder straps. Bag features include: reflective strips on 2 sides, 2 outside zippered pockets, 2 easy access front pockets, 2 buckle closures and an interior flap that has a velcro closure to keep supplies from falling out. Emergency bag dimensions are 15 1/2 x 7 x 7 1/3 inches. Small first aid items are bagged and tagged with bandages, gauze and antiseptic all being packaged in ziploc bags so that the supplies are easier to locate and use when necessary. Great emergency and first aid bag for schools, teachers, and classrooms!

School First Aid & Active Shooter Emergency Kit

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