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Red Z fluid control solidifier and deodorizer helps you comply with the OSHA Bloodborne pathogens standard during the clean-up of potentially dangerous blood and body fluid spills. The superior encapsulation technology prevents aerosolization of the spill, therefore reducing the risk of cross contamination. One ounce treats 1000 cc of fluids. 3/4 oz packet.

Great for anywhere an unexpected bodily fluid spill may occur like restaurants, schools, transportation, entertainment venues, work or home. Red Z is made of super-absorbent polymers that makes it easier for anyone to clean up spills such as vomit, urine or blood. 
Individual use packet is convenient and small enough to take with wherever you go. 3/4 oz pouch is also great for refilling existing wall-mount clean up stations. Sold individually.

Red Z Biohazard Fluids Absorbent Powder 3/4 Oz Packet

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