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This intelligent anti-pandemic safety gate is suitable for public health prevention and monitoring of high traffic entrance points.It consists of two major functions: an intelligent temperature detection area and a 360- degree disinfection area. It automatically dispenses disinfectant spray to sterilize human body, pet, cargo and luggage. Mean while, it performs the non-contact detection which can intuitively and accurately determine the abnormal body temperature.




  • The gates tank holds 20 Liter / 5.2 Gallons of disinfectant. 
  • Gate has two working modes:

    MODE 1:
    The ultrasonic disinfection atomizer works continuously to ensure the cabinet is filled with disinfectant mist. 
    5 gallons is enough to run 7-8 hours.

    MODE 2:
    Auto mode-only when a visitor walks by the gate will activate the disinfectant.
    5 gallons is enough to disinfect 3,000 people.


PandMedic Intelligent Safety Gate

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