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Green Z is a versatile and incinerator friendly fluid control solidifier that can be used in the clean-up of body fluids, chemical or mercury spills.  Single-use Green Z packet contains enough fast-acting super-absorbent polymers to clean up most standard vomit, blood or urine spills. Just sprinkle over the spill , allow it to solidify, clean up and dispose. 
Since Green Z is chlorine-free, it is safe to use on glutaraldehyde, chemotherapy and mercury spills. Green Z is also safe to use on more sensitive surfaces like carpet.

Recommended for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, schools, law enforcement agencies, institutions and more. Great for refilling wall-mounted spill clean up kits. Compact packet is great to take with you in the car or RV. 

Non-chlorinated formula. 3/4 oz packet, sold individually.

Green Z Biohazard Clean Up Solidifier Non-chlorine 3/4 Oz Packet

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