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The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 is always ready to perform at its full capabilities anytime an emergency arises.  With its Rescue Ready technology it is constantly checking itself to make sure all of its components are in operable condition. 

  • Every day this AED self checks its main components (battery, hardware, software, and pads). 
  • Every week the AED completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics
  • Every month the AED charges the high-voltage electronics to full energy

If anything is wrong the AED status indicator will change from green to red and the AED will generate an audible alert to let the user know to service the unit, making sure that the unit is always ready when it counts.


The Powerheart G3 has voice prompts to walk the user through the steps of using this device.

  • When the pads are applied the AED can monitor the heart beat the individual and knows when or when not to deliver a shock, taking the guess work of the user out of the equation.
  • In the automatic version the shock is delivered without the push of a button or any further assistance from the user.
  • After the shock is delivered the AED will prompt for CPR with a built in metronome that will help the user establish the pace for chest compression.


Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Value Package - Recertified

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