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Deluxe Bodily Fluid Spill Clean up Kit with approved Biohazard Bag contains everything for safe and effective blood clean up or bodily fluid clean up. Deluxe biohazard clean up kit includes a Federal regulation, tear-resistant biohazard bag that meets Federal and State regulations for resistance of 480 grams and impact resistance of 165 grams.

Deluxe spill kit also includes a disposable tweezer for easier pickup of materials. Each bodily fluid cleanup kit contains 2 vinyl gloves, 1 scoop & scraper, 1 package chlorinated fluid control solidifier, 1 antiseptic hand wipe, 1 germicidal surface wipe, 1 disposable tweezer and 2 approved biohazard bags. Each kit is packaged in a ziploc bag. Perfect for refilling existing biosafety kits.

Biohazard Fluid Clean Up Kit Deluxe

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