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Widely regarded as the original synthetic scouring pad and a guaranteed performance booster, this 3M 96CC Scotch-Brite™ 9" x 6" general purpose green pad does a magnificent job scouring stainless steel surfaces, baseboards, floors, and more! This non-rusting, resilient pad can even replace your operation's steel wool and metal sponges for a safer and more effective way to clean cooking utensils and equipment. It scours up to 3x faster and lasts 3x longer than comparable pads, thanks in part to the integrated resin that helps prevent damage from exposure to hot water, detergent, and normal cleaning chemicals. And if food safety is a concern for you, then look no further. This pad from 3M's Scotch-Brite™ line is among the first and only scouring pads to be certified as food safe and fit for purpose by HACCP International! 

3M Scouring Pad Pack of 3-10

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